Air Conditioning Repair

AC Repair from B & B Cool Air Can Have You Out of the Heat in Record Time

Today's air conditioners are completely different from the models of yesteryear. Thankfully, these air conditioning systems are built tough to withstand heavy use and are engineered to keep running through the toughest conditions that Mother Nature can dish out. Even the most reliable and well-maintained air conditioning unit can experience the occasional breakdown, though.

The great news for you is that a breakdown does not necessarily signal that you'll need an expensive replacement. With the skilled expertise of our staff of trained technicians, we can usually have your problem diagnosed and repaired within a short time.

The following are three typical issues that may cause you to call us for an AC repair appointment.

Why is my air conditioner making strange noises?

  • You probably don't notice the sound your air conditioner makes when it's running normally. That's to be expected. As soon as your AC unit starts making noises it’ll make you sit up and take notice.

Or, you’re recognizing that your AC unit is leaking water.

  • While condensation is a normal function of your air conditioning system, you should never have to see it. If you notice an unusual amount of water leaking from your system, you'll want to give us a call right away so we can get that fixed for you before the water damages your home.

Why isn't my air conditioner cooling like it's supposed to?

  • If you notice that your home isn't getting cool no matter how you adjust your thermostat, that could be a few different things. In any case, this is an issue you won't want to ignore.

Call us today at (239) 674-1525 to arrange an AC repair appointment. We'll have your system running smoothly again in no time.